logoSASJA, the Professional Association of Science Media Practitioners in South Africa is a non-profit, non-governmental, national organisation mainly representing the interests of science and technology (including health, environmental, engineering, sports) journalists and other science media practitioners.

SASJA encourages networking and training in the interest of sound science journalism. SASJA shares knowledge and resources and encourages debate amongst members, through for instance regular meetings, our Facebook and our active Google Group mailing list. We strive to improve communication between the science community and general society by evaluating information according to strict journalism ethics and presenting it either in print, or via the electronic media – television, radio and internet – to the public.

SASJA members strive to disseminate information about advances, achievements, opportunities and trends in science journalism as well as topical issues and threats to the field and its practitioners. In the interests of building a strong tradition in sound science reporting, SASJA facilitates and encourages training, networking, and education for science journalists in South Africa, the SADC countries and the rest of Africa as an associative member of the African Federation of Science Journalists and as a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists.

SASJA aims to encourage publishers and broadcast producers to dedicate more space and time to science (including health, technology and the environment) coverage and to support the professional training of science journalists.

SASJA’s NPO number: 133-434 NPO

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